Our commitment to your privacy
CENTURY 21 are committed to ensuring the privacy of your personal information in line with the National Privacy Principles established by the Privacy Act 1988.

What type of Personal Information do we collect and hold?

Personal information that we collect and hold usually falls into the following categories;

  • Candidate information submitted and obtained from you or other sources in connection with application for work;
  • Work performance information;
  • Information obtained to assist in managing client and business relationships.

In some circumstances, we may also collect sensitive information about your health or disability, racial or ethnic origin, any criminal records you may have, memberships of a political association or religious beliefs and affiliations. Where this information is collected we will obtain your consent.

For what purposes do we hold Personal Information?
We primarily hold personal information for the following;

  • Assisting you in finding or retaining work;
  • Assisting in your career performance or management;
  • Training;
  • Client and business relationship management;
  • Marketing;

There may be occasions when we obtain personal information about you from a third party; for example, from your nominated referees; or obtaining performance feedback about your work. If we don't have your prior consent, we will take reasonable steps to inform you that we have collected personal information.

If you do not provide us with the information we seek, we may be limited in our ability to provide you with our services.

How do we use and disclose your Personal Information?
We may disclose your personal information for the purposes for which it was primarily collected, or for a related or secondary purpose. We may disclose your information to the following parties;

  • potential employers;
  • referees;
  • our related entities;
  • depending on the circumstances, to the Police to verify whether you have a criminal record.

We may disclose your personal information where we are under legal duty to do so, including circumstances where we are under a lawful duty of care to disclose information.

If we engage third party contractors to perform services for us which involves handling personal information, we take reasonable steps to prohibit the contractor from using personal information except for the purposes for which it was supplied.

We contract out a number of services from time to time. Our contractors may see some of your personal information.

Inquiries and complaints
You can make complaints to the Office of the Federal Privacy Commissioner.

How to gain access to information we hold about you?
Subject to some exceptions that are set out in the National Privacy Principle, you can gain access to the personal information we hold about you by written request. We do refuse access if it would interfere with the privacy rights of other persons or if it breaches any confidentiality that attaches to that information.

A request for access to the personal information we hold about you or in relation to an inquiry about privacy should be sent to our Privacy Officer at the address listed above.

We will deal with your request to provide information within a reasonable time. We may seek payment for our costs of supplying you with this information. Our Privacy Coordinator would discuss this with you.

You should also anticipate that it may take a little time to process your application for access as there may be a need to retrieve information from storage and review information in order to determine what information may be provided.

Keeping your personal information up-to-date
If your personal information changes please contact us and we will endeavour to update and correct the information. We may also contact you from time to time to check the information is still correct.

Security of your personal information
Your personal information is stored electronically. We have security procedures in place to protect your personal information.

This policy does not apply to employee records.