Client Login

CENTURY 21 changes the way real estate does business with the 24-hour sales consultant. Client Login is accessible via the CENTURY 21 office website using a designated username and password. Sellers and Landlords are able to access a range of information and feedback that is essentially split into two categories; Office Feedback and Property Inspection Details.

Property Inspection Details includes: open home attendance results; comments from prospective buyers & tenants; thoughts on the property; opinion on the price and any other important feedback that would be of interest to the seller or landlord.

Office Feedback keeps track of all correspondence and activity relating to the sale of the property. It tracks all advertising submitted over the sale/lease period, including publication, date and cost.

Sellers are also able to compare the planned advertising campaign with the actual one and identify which costs they have paid for and those that the agent has covered. Sellers are also able to monitor the number of hits their listing has received on the web, view the marketing progress information and click on the direct link to email to the Office Manager, should they have a question, comment or complaint.

Client Login is unique to CENTURY 21, if you're interested in selling your home and would like to track its sale using Client Login, contact your local CENTURY 21 expert for further information.