Plan ahead when looking into buying a house or investment property

Are you looking to buy property in your local area of somewhere further afield? Buying a house or an investment property is a huge commitment and adequate planning is necessary to ensure a stress free journey. It's important to recognise the lifestyle you lead and the amenities you require to lead a fulfilling life at a new property.

You might love to cook, so you'll need a great kitchen or if you enjoy gardening, you'll want a nice backyard. Perhaps you own several cars and need a spacious garage or you want a home office to work from. There are all kinds of important factors to consider when you want to buy property and it makes sense to consider this now, then 10 years in the future.

Thankfully, the whole process of buying a house or an investment property is made easier by the professional help CENTURY 21 can offer you. Once you have an idea of which factors will contribute to finding your ideal property, our experienced real estate agents can help you find the right match.

So if you want an apartment, house, townhouse, semi-detached home, investment property or somewhere to holiday and retire in, we're here to help. Take a look below at what our friendly agents can help you with and when you're ready to talk to us, contact your local CENTURY 21 branch.

When you're looking for a property, CENTURY 21's experts can help you

  • Learn about local schools, hospitals, shopping facilities and more in a neighbourhood you're interested in
  • With the complex planning involved in buying and selling a property simultaneously
  • Purchase a second home, holiday house or retirement home (in addition to your first property)
  • By offering trustworthy advice backed up by years of professional experience in 73 countries across the globe
  • Navigate through purchasing your first home by giving you the support to cut expenditure, stop paying interest and build your equity
  • Totally prepare when buying an investment property to ensure you maximise your profits on your purchase

When looking to buy property, establish your budget accurately

You might be wondering how much you can afford when you're looking for property to buy. Establishing how much you can afford before you begin the search for your ideal property will allow you to avoid the upset of falling in love with a house that's unobtainable.

By gaining pre-approval for a home loan, you can set out what you're willing to spend and show potential sellers that you're serious. Understanding how much you can afford is the first rule of home buying and that depends on your income and how much debt you may have.

At CENTURY 21, we have thousands of qualified real estate agents who are ready to help you work out your budget, answer questions, give professional advice and handle much of the real estate transaction on your behalf. If you'd like to know more about how we can take the stress out of buying a house or an investment property, contact your local CENTURY 21 branch now.

Do you need expert assistance and advice on buying your dream home? To learn a little more about how you can keep yourself protected and get a great deal on your ideal property, visit the Buying - Buying Your Home page now.