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Spring news

Latest News from Christine SPRING HAS ARRIVED I am sure that most would agree it has been a long winter, not so much with the cold weather but with the rain. Well here is some good news, spring had sprang, flowers are blooming, and the sun is shining. Today has been a beautiful day, people walking around with smiles on their faces and a hop in their step, so summer must be just around the corner. Mind so is Christmas so I'm told, and on the 2nd of next month I age another year (no pension for me yet though), and what is more frightening is that our grand-children seem to age faster than we do. In July, we were blessed to become Great Grand-parents for the first time (Seinna May), beautiful we girl born in Australia. Our son and family moved to Scotland for 12 months where our son has taken up a professional coaching role with Kelso Rugby Club. He is and always will be rugby mad. Our eldest grand-daughter has just returned from working over in Whistler- Canada. Ok so what is happening market wise, well as you know and one would expect winter was a little quiet, however recent interest with viewings have been in the following street: Korari Cres, Rangatira Dr, Hinau Street, Huamai St, Kauri St, Tanekaha Tr and Kowhai St, Forest View Rd. A number of properties were brought earlier this year, sections as well as dwellings and there is a whole lot of building going on, as well as renovations. It really is lovely driving around the town, seeing all the comings and goings, so many changes taking place. Gary’s Bus cafe will be back again on the 18th after having a much needed rest. The Lines Company have been replacing the power poles, Mangakino Hotel Accommodation has had a face-lift, a number of relocatable dwellings have appeared, new sheds, new fencing, new gardens and many people cannot believe the change in the area. Now on another front, we all hear rentals are in demand and along with this goes a shortage of rentals. I currently have a contractor looking for a couple of properties to rent from mid-September to March / April next year. So, if you know of anybody who maybe looking for tenants please let me know. The difficulty is that the contractors work all through the holidays which of course is when the properties are being used by yourselves and others enjoying the many pleasures Mangakino and the district has to offer. Century21 has now produced their own property booklet which comes out quarterly and is distributed throughout NZ, so keep a look out for our first issue due this week. The books will be at the lake and outside my office in the Gold Collection Box as well as sent to those who advertised and prospective buyers. I continue to meet some wonderful people, have been sad to lose others that are dear to us having passed this world just recently. When you look at Texas / Huston we have much to be grateful for. There seems to be much chaos in the world, but in our little paradise life really isn't that bad. Enjoy the summer, enjoy each other. There will always be more positives than negatives. Ready for a challenge, how about the "Taniwha Challenge" November this year. get those bikes out, walk or run choice is yours, for a great day of fun. Lots of other events coming up to, so keep an eye out for my updates. Cheers for now Christine