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$14,000,000 Working Capital Requirement

ID: 381164

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SHARES in a New Zealand Dairy Investment Opportunity

This will suit investors who wish to gain exposure to superior dairy farming techniques which provide for a more sustainable dairy future and lead economic, social and cultural
change in the rural sector; and the production, marketing and distribution of a fully packaged, high quality New Zealand liquid milk branded consumer product, forecast to
generate very good returns to investors.
1. Executive summary

This proposal is seeking investors to fund the establishment of a New Zealand based business to produce and market branded fresh milk to high value consumers globally. The key features are:

* Development of a disruptive global consumer brand, distribution network and values- based social marketing.

* A vertically integrated business processing and selling differentiated product to the rapidly growing population of consumers concerned about the origin and integrity of their food.

* Milk supply from New Zealand that can be differentiated from other New Zealand milk because of its provenance and story, strong regional focus and association with local and indigenous farmers.

* A business model that provides improved social, cultural, environmental and economic outcomes to the indigenous peoples and local community.

* The milk will carry an indigenous New Zealand brand reflecting its origins and values.

* A specialised milk plant to preserve the qualities of natural milk and allow traceability to the farm of origin

* Safe investment in a highly regarded country with excellent track record in sector

2. Key numbers
* Capital sought of up to NZD$14m

* Preferred option of Convertible Debenture, other option would be ordinary shares with voting rights

* EBITDA at 5 years 22 – 24%

* NPAT at 5 years 14 – 16%

* Secured by NZ land, buildings and plant