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Flooring Business

NZ need 60,000 new homes built, it just depends what politician you talk to, and that means product and service support to those homes. That just screams opportunity for this Flooring Business, and you could be in the driver's seat.

Showing earnings to a working owner averaging over $100,000 over the last three you might think that it's not a bad business. And that's true, but there is still some way to go before this business reach's its true potential.
The key points to this business are
* It's in a growth industry,
* fantastic location, 16,000 cars a day go past
* An underlying profitability.

The new owner this would suit someone with management, customer and sales skills, the background technical knowledge can be picked up fairly quickly and like any business someone with the 'eye of the tiger' to grow this into what it can really be.